Teach for America

As part of our commitment, in September we're supporting Teach For America, an organization that develops teachers and leaders to make schools great. Teach For America enlists the nation's most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequality, and makes it possible for all children to attain
an excellent education.

together, we can help make america's schools great

Going to college was not always a given for Pierce Hand. Growing up in a single–parent household in Atlanta, Pierce went to Booker T. Washington High School, where only 250 of the 600 students from his class graduated. No one in his family had gone to college. During his junior year, Pierce took A.P. U.S. History, taught by Joshua Guerrieri, a Teach For America Metro Atlanta 2001 corps member. Mr. Guerrieri saw something in Pierce, and really pushed and inspired him. Not only did Pierce graduate from high school a year later, he went on to attend Emory University and graduated in 2011–a huge milestone for both him and his family. After graduation, Pierce was inspired to join Teach For America to be a role model for others the way Mr. Guerrieri was for him. Pierce is currently teaching in Atlanta as a Teach For America 2011 corps member.

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