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Hello Kitty® Pink Bow Charm Black Leather Watch

warranty ref #: warrN1785

2 year watch ($0-$50)  for $10

N1785 SUB 050 8/2/2010 ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Your M.Z. Berger watch is warranted to the original consumer/purchaser for one year from purchase, not by the dealer from which it was purchased but by M. Z. Berger, & Co., Inc. This warranty covers all materials and workmanship in the module/movement of your M.Z. Berger watch. Your watch module/movement will either be repaired or replaced or the watch will be replaced with one of equal or greater value at M. Z. Berger's option. This warranty does not cover the following: necessary cleaning of the module, case, and finish on case, batteries, crystal, buttons, bracelet, and strap. This warranty does not extend to any parts of your M. Z. Berger watch that have been subjected to misuse or accident Nor does it cover any M. Z. Berger watch that has been tampered with, altered, or repaired by anyone other than by M. Z. Berger, & Co., Inc. Should your M. Z. Berger watch develop a defect, DO NOT return your watch to the dealer from which it was purchased. Return watch, warranty, and purchase receipt with a check or money order for the amount of US $4.95 ($7.95 outside Continental U.S.A.) payable through a bank in the U.S.A. payable in U.S. currency to M. Z. Berger, & Co., Inc. This is not a repair charge but a cost to cover handling, packing, insurance and return postage. Return your M. Z. Berger watch in a way that is traceable. We cannot be responsible for your watch if it does not reach us. Do not return the original gift box your M. Z. Berger watch came in. We cannot return it to you. M. Z Berger, & Co., Inc. Service Department 29-75 Northern Blvd. Long Island City, NY 11101-2215, U.S.A.