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Bowls and Vases for Decorating the Home

Bowls and vases are both decorations and keepsakes: When you purchase the right kind, they're items you'll display and cherish forever. Whether you're tucking a fresh bouquet of flowers from your husband away or just using one to stash your keys on the kitchen counter, decorative bowls and vases are both fashionable and functional.

Decorative Bowls for Every Budget

Coming in a variety of materials such as crystal and ceramic, small bowls are great for stocking your bar (think olives and lime slices) or for stashing your potpourri on the coffee table. They look effortlessly chic and elegant, but thankfully don't have to cost a bundle. Best of all, they enhance your home design so well - you can fill them with dried herbs for a rustic look or leave them totally empty so they make a statement of their own.

Classy Vases Accentuate Your Flora

Vases are also elegant, and they tend to hold items that mean a lot to us. Flowers are the most common contents, whether they were delivered to your home or picked straight from the garden. Crystal vases are the most popular, though they come in many materials and colors. Some even allow for customization, like ones with photo slots. And while most are cylindrical, you'll also find square or rectangular varieties. To make sure you can accommodate any bouquet height, make sure you opt for one of each. Both decorative bowls and vases are an important part of any home's look, but they shouldn't cost a fortune.

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