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You just woke up—you’re still tired and can’t think straight. Stumbling around, the last thing you want to do is measure the exact portions of grounds and water you need to make your morning cup(s) of coffee. Keurig to the rescue: just fill the water reservoir and pick out your favorite K-cup and let the Keurig coffee maker do the rest.

These brewers come in several different models, each serving its own unique function. A K75 brewer might be ideal for your home, offering a removable reservoir and a customizable LCD screen that displays time, drink size and coffee temperature. A K10 mini-brewer would be better for your individual work desk, providing a compact beverage solution that makes it easy for you to pop in a K-cup when you need that afternoon pick-me-up. With the newest generation, Keurig Vue, you can customize your morning brew all the way down to the strength, taste and flavor of each individual cup. Tired of the same old standard brew? Explore our wide selection of K-cups and switch up your coffee or tea…you might just find a new favorite. From Starbucks to Green Mountain Coffee to Donut Shop, we have the new taste to spice up your new coffeemaker.

No matter what time of day you get the caffeine craving, our affordable line of Keurig coffee machines can help you simplify your routine when you need it most.

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