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Men’s Peacoat: From Military Attire to Winter Weather Staple

Our men’s peacoats are a foundational jacket every many should have in his closet. They’ve got everything that you could want in outerwear: beautiful aesthetics, durability, and versatility. The peacoat has its roots as the jacket of choice for the British and American navies, and over many decades, the coat managed to work its way into mainstream fashion. The style hasn’t changed—it’s maintained many of the distinct features that hearken back to its military and seafaring origins: the wool construction, overlapping double breasted front, and peaked lapels. All of these features work well to block out the cold and harsh winds. Traditionally, a pea coat stops just below the hips. Longer pea coats are known as bridge coats, as they were traditionally worn by bridge officers, and they extend to the thighs.

JCPenney’s pea coats for men come in classic colors that work well with casual and dress clothes. A faux-shearling collar adds a unique twist to the pea coat lapel, and you’ll love the texture of the faux-shearling against your neck. We have several jackets that display a more intense military styling throughout the entire construction of the jackets. A hooded wool pea coat blends the classic look of a pea coat with the comfort and convenience of a hoodie. Add one of these beautiful coats to your closet by JF J. Ferrar and i jeans by Buffalo. Now is the right time to shop at JCPeneny, and get a men’s pea coat in the men’s department.