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Women’s Pajamas, Settle Into Comfort

When it's time to call it a day, settle in for a good night's rest in a brand new set of comfy women's pajamas. Different seasons call for different sleepwear, from lighter layers during a warm summer evening to the thick fleece guarding you from a winter night’s nippy chill. With the help of a pair of cozy slippers or a flannel pajama set, you’ll feel everything from nighttime TV to that welcome mug of morning coffee get just a bit more enjoyable.


Comfortable loungewear can improve your nightly routine, whether you’re in the mood to relax for a while, take a quick nap or call it a night. The next time you need some “me time,” stock up and kick back with affordable pajamas and bathrobes for women at JCPenney.


Delight in your own personal home spa with women’s loungewear that will ensure a restful sleep and feel oh so wonderful on your skin after a nice hot show. Stay warm when you bring luxury with you in a long, short or medium length plush bathrobe or cotton wrap. Indulge yourself today with our women's pajamas in the women's department. 


Women’s Bathrobes: What Does Your Bathrobe Mean to You?

There are many words to describe our women’s bathrobes, such as stylish, warm, sexy, sensible, and durable. Just as there are many words to describe these robes, the can represent just as many things to the wearer. When you’re under the weather, it’s a warm and cozy hug that envelopes as you fight off a cold or the flu. It’s a source of comfort and an adult version of a security blanket on those days when you’re feeling blue. It’s the difference between a regular bath and an in-home spa day. It’s a reminder of the quality time you spend with your loved ones snuggled up on the couch or in the bed. It’s the romantic night spent with that special someone. Whether it’s a plush robe with a matching belt, a long zip front, robe, or a silky satin kimono, a bathrobe can be all these things and more. Pick up one of our women’s bathrobes in the women’s department, and discover what your robe represents to you.

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