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A Haier Fridge Is Ideal for Compact Kitchens

When you're looking for an affordable and compact refrigerator for your kitchen, consider the options offered from Haier. With plenty of convenient styles available, these refrigerators can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Your Favorite Styles

You don't have to sacrifice style or functionality when you're looking for an affordable Haier fridge. This line includes your traditional top freezer refrigerators that have the freezer on top and the refrigerator below, and the bottom freezer refrigerators with the refrigerator section at eye level and the freezer underneath. You can also choose the French door refrigerator or the quad door refrigerator for more storage space.

Even Smaller Options Available

If you're shopping for a small apartment, spare room, or office, you can even find compact refrigerators by Haier. While small in size, compact refrigerators are still large enough to hold 2-liter bottles and other large containers. Get the style with a small freezer compartment if you want to maximize the space you have for refrigeration, or select the style with a separate freezer to give you spacious storage for frozen foods. This style even offers a convenient can dispenser on the door for easy access to your favorite drinks.

Many Unique Features

Haier fridges offer plenty of unique features that help them stand apart from other refrigerators. The LED lighting lasts longer, uses less energy than traditional lighting, and provides plenty of light so you can see what's inside. The Quick Cool and Quick Freeze option give a shot of cold air to rapidly cool the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Additionally, you can set Sabbath Mode to turn off functions to follow Sabbath-observing practices. In this mode, the normal cooling functions will still take place, but all lighting functions will turn off.

Colors to Match Your Kitchen

Whether you're looking for a white refrigerator to blend in with your cabinets, a black refrigerator to stand out and add a touch of refinement, or you love the sophisticated and modern look of stainless steel, you can find the colors you're looking for when you shop for a Haier fridge.

When you're searching for the latest Haier fridge to bring convenience and practicality to your kitchen, be sure to shop at JCPenney for the best selection.

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