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Outdoor Décor for the Perfect Patio

The exterior of your home should be just as gorgeous as the inside. JCPenney can help you achieve the look you dream about through our amazing selection of outdoor décor.


Outdoor décor is much like jewelry. If your décor too very scant, it can leave you home looking bland. If you add too much, your home will become an eyesore that may generate complaints from your neighbors and a few citations from your HOA. You have to find the right balance when it comes to exterior home décor. Get up close and personal with nature by placing a bird house on your home. You and your family will enjoy watching local birds flit in and out of the home. You might even get a surprise appearance from a rascally squirrel or two – they’re known for raiding the food stores of birdhouses. Elegantly decorated solar patio lanterns illuminate the night and bring a warm and inviting aura to your home. Want to light up your home with someting a bit quirky? You must get a string light set! Patio string lights aren’t just for Christmas. They provide visibility, so you can continue to party with family and friends long after the sun has set. Keep tabs on the blistering summer temps with an outdoor thermometer. Utilize outdoor curtains to add a splash of color to your patio. Give your patio the tender love and care it deserves with new outdoor décor.


Garden Décor to Enhance Your Beautiful Garden

Garden décor really enhances the aesthetic of you garden. Place a fountain in a central location, and add flowers to further complement the beauty of a cherub fountain. Rock and stone fountains look lovely with small rocks or stones at the base that boast a similar color to the fountain. Keep your plants safe from rabbits and other creatures that will use your plants as breakfast, lunch, and dinner by utilizing a flower box. Maximize the space of your garden with a planter box bench. A planter bench comes with two planter boxes connect by a sturdy bench. You get to adorn your backyard with your favorite plants and provide additional seating to your backyard - who doesn’t love to maximize their space and save money! Let JCPenney help you bring the vision for your garden to life. You won’t be disappointed with our selection of stunning garden décor.

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