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Plus Size Cropped Pants: The Perfect Pants for Year Round Wear

Ever have those days where it’s a toss-up between long pants and shorts? Then say hello to the time-tested cure for serious cases of indecisiveness: plus size cropped pants! Straddling the realm between pants and shorts, a good pair of high-quality cropped pants can save the day as often as needed. Pick up at least one pair of denim cropped pants for casual style, featuring a stretch fabric for effortlessly great fit. Wear them with a nice pair of ballet flats or some nice pumps for any occasion! Don’t pack those cropped pants away just because the weather has gotten a little chilly. Refurbish your cropped pants for the fall and winter. A pair of tights underneath will keep the exposed part of your leg warm and allow you to wear cute flats. You can ditch the tights, throw on some trouser socks and slip your feet into knee-high boots. Getting your boots on over cropped pants is a lot easier than full length pants. Shop with us for the perfect plus size wardrobe!