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Get French Door Refrigerators from JCPenney

Shop with us for your brand new French door refrigerator. Introduced in the late 90s and quickly rocketed to the top as one of the most favored refrigerator styles. With a French door refrigerator, you’ll cut down on the time and energy you waste going on a grocery safari. What’s a grocery safari? It’s when you move around and look behind all the groceries in your fridge in your quest to find the items you need. These refrigerators have wider shelves allowing you to easily view and access all of your food. Plus, the less time you spend with the refrigerator door open, the more you save on your energy bills. That annoying clang that happens when the doors of your fridge meet your cabinets is a thing of the past. French door refrigerators have several inches of depth added to them that makes opening and closing much easier and quieter. Hate tossing out perfectly good condiments to fit in new ones? With huge door bins, keep all of your condiments forever…well, maybe not forever but at least until they actually expire! In addition, several of them have a super convenient water and ice dispenser. Head to our appliance store today and get a new refrigerator at a great price.


Stylish Side by Side Refrigerators for Your Kitchen

A refrigerator is one of the centerpieces of your home. Picking out the right one is crucial. Consider side by side refrigerators if you’re on a budget. This refrigerator style is one of the least expensive. If you have small kids, a side by side refrigerator is a great option. With both the refrigerator and freezer sections next to one another, they can easily access their favorite snacks all by themselves. They’ll love the independence it gives them. Side by side refrigerators have extremely roomy freezers. Thanks to the tallness of the freezer, you can pack in a lot of frozen foods, compared to other refrigerator styles. That means more late night trips to the freezer for a bowl of your favorite ice cream. If you have a very narrow pre-designated space for a refrigerator, the side by side fridge will fit perfectly. Get a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator for a modern look. A white or black refrigerator is a great neutral addition to your kitchen. When you shop with us, you’ll enjoy free delivery and installation on purchases of $299 and up.


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