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Instantly Refresh a Room With Rod Pocket Curtains

If you're tired with the look of the rooms in your house, you don't have to go through the expensive process of buying new furniture or the laborious process of repainting the walls. Instead, consider changing the curtains. Although this is a simple and affordable task, new rod pocket curtains can immediately change the style of any room in the house.

What Are Rod Pocket Curtains?

As the name suggests, rod pocket curtains hang from a rod pocket that's sewn into the top of each panel. They're one of the most popular styles of curtains. As a result, you can find rod pocket curtains in countless colors, patterns, and styles to suit any room of the house.

Rod Pocket Curtains in the Bedroom

Rod pocket curtains are an excellent addition to any bedroom. If you have streetlights or the bright morning sun shining directly in your bedroom windows, look for room-darkening curtains. They come with multiple layers of fabric to help block out light and even reduce some noise. Best of all, these layers offer privacy and can even give you some energy savings by blocking heat from the sun.

Changing the Look in Your Living Room

Tired of looking at the old curtains in your living room? Hang up some new rod pocket curtains for a completely new style. Even if you routinely open and close your curtains, you can still make rod pocket curtains work for your living room. Instead of sliding the curtain rod through the pocket at the top, attach clip rings to the rod. This gives your rod pocket curtains a look and ease of use that's similar to grommet curtains, but at a lower price.

Update Curtains in Any Room

The nice thing about rod pocket curtains is that they'll work in any room of the house. If you have a little window in your bathroom that you'd like to soften with a curtain, there are small rod pocket curtains that will fit perfectly. You can even find rod pocket curtains that come with window tiers and valances that are ideal kitchen windows.

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