Spinner Luggage Sets
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  • Skyway Chesapeake 2.0 Luggage Collection
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    Skyway Chesapeake 2.0 Luggage Collection
  • Skyway Chesapeake 2.0 Wheeled Office Bag

Spinner Luggage for Maximum Mobility

When it’s time to travel, get the ball rolling with our spinner luggage! It’s hard to imagine life without wheels—no one would ever be on time!! Luggage shouldn’t be any different. Pick the perfect size for what’s needed—a carry on suitcase will be enough for a few days while a full size version will accommodate longer trips abroad.

The options don’t stop with size—depending on the type of baggage being brought it’s wise to consider whether a hardside’s protective shell would be better than the sheer space an expandable suitcase offers. Whatever you choose, just remember to enjoy all of life’s journeys, made easier with a spinner luggage set at your side.