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Bow Ties for a Change

When you want something different to complete your favorite suit, a bow tie might do the trick. Sure, men’s ties are fashion statements in and of themselves, keeping within a formal dress code while allowing for your own personal expression. But if you really want to set yourself apart from the necktie masses, add a few bow ties to your arsenal. They have a great way of commanding great attention, whether you customize it with your favorite paisley pattern, or add a splash of color to your favorite outfit. From stripes and plaid, to and textures and solid colors, find the bow tie for just the right amount of panache at JCPenney.


Neckties for a Classic Approach

Neckties are still the classic and versatile choice, with selections in silk, satin, wool and many other fabrics, as well as stripe patterns, grids, polka dots and solid colors. Choose from brands like JF J. Ferrar, Stafford and Michael Strahan, and for extra value, reach for neckties that come with their own tie bars and tie and pocket square sets to compliment your suit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match tie colors and patterns with gingham, grid or solid shirts for an interesting take on your everyday suit.


Pick out the classic looks of a solid, black bow tie or entertain your creative side with plaid, striped and checkered patterns and create a pleasant sartorial disruption. Go for the always attractive style of a dark, paisley pattern with a light dress shirt or reverse it with a faint paisley bow tie paired with a rich, dark dress shirt. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to stand out when you shop JCPenney’s men’s department for a classy addition to any formal or semi-formal outfit.

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