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Sports Bras Help You to Workout at Your Best

Sports bras are an essential part of every women’s workout wardrobe. These are just as important as working out in the right shoes. Wearing supportive and activity appropriate athletic shoes ensures you won’t do damage to your feet, ankles, and other parts of your body and can perform your activities to the best of your ability. A sports bra provides the same benefits to your bust.

Going without a proper support bra can cause upper back problems that may mean several trips to the doctor’s office. Wearing a regular bra is not a good substitute for a sports bra. Regular bras were not made with exercise in mind. The materials they're constructed from don’t have the same give as the materials sports bras are made from, and they don’t reduce the movement of your bust. In addition, sports bra materials quickly wick away irritating sweat from your skin, regular bras don’t. Even if you’re doing something as easy going as yoga or Pilates, it’s important to wear properly fitting sports bras. You’ll find the right sports bras for your chosen activities with the right level of support at JCPenney.

Sport Bra: How to Pick the Right One

Picking out a sports bra is no different that picking out a regular bra. You will typically wear the same size in a sport bra that you wear in a regular bar. But you still should measure yourself for good measure. Get your band size by measuring by the rib cage. Then your bust size by measuring loosely around your bust at the fullest part, and round the number up to the nearest whole number. Subtract the band size from the cup size. The difference between the two numbers indicats your size: 1-inch = A cup, 2-inches = B cup, 3-inches = C cup, 4-inches = D cup, and a 5-inches = DD cup.

If you want to reduce the movement of your bust, you have to consider the impact level of your activity and choose a bra that matches that impact level. If you’re going to an aerobics class, you don’t want to wear a low impact bra that’s more suitable for yoga or weight training. Compression bras are great for women with A and B cups. For C and above, select a bra that compresses and encapsulates or encapsulates.