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Fill Your Registry with these Wedding Gifts

Opening wedding gifts is a thrill, and when you register online with JCPenney, you can make sure you get exactly what you want and need to start your lives together. From home and kitchen to bed and bath, get the things you need to add warmth, style and functionality to your home and make your first few weeks together like a continuation of the honeymoon. Register for champagne flutes and other glassware, dinnerware, porcelain cookware, a Crockpot, and that standing mixer you’ve always wanted. After all, you’re the kind of couple that loves to entertain their friends, so register for all the items you need to grill out, cook lovely and delicious meals, serve excellent drinks, and generally be perfect hosts.


Show Some Love with Wedding Favors

Wedding favors go a long way toward showing your groomsmen and bridal party your appreciation for their participation in your wedding. While asking your closest friends to give up a weekend of their time, buy (or rent) a tuxedo or fancy bridesmaids dress and be on their best behavior might not be asking too much, giving them thoughtful wedding favors shows them how much you care about them, even during a time that’s supposed to be all about your union. For the groomsmen, personalized trinkets like tie bars, flasks, cuff links and money clips are all thoughtful and practical gifts they’ll appreciate long after the wedding. Bridesmaids dig flasks too, along with tote bags filled with items like soaps, a robe, a jewelry box and inexpensive fashion jewelry. Don’t forget about the other guests of your wedding, as everyone has a hand in making sure the big day goes off without a hitch. Find thoughtful “thank you” gifts for all your guests and more in the gifts department of JCPenney.