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Hot Handbags Under $30

A great handbag doesn’t have to be expensive, and at JCPenney we have an assortment of great handbags under $30. A crossbody bag is pretty nifty. Light and compact these bags are great for when you’re on the go or in crowded areas, such as public transit and concerts. Their design is unobtrusive, which makes it easy for you to maneuver, and you’re belongings are securely within your reach. Another great bag for movers and shakers are totes. Totes are always fantastic to have on hand. We have them in so many fun colors and designs. You can get one big enough to fit the kitchen sink or small enough just to carry what you need for the day. Large totes are really handy to have at a farmers market, and they can even double a gym bag. Waist pouch or fanny pack? Whatever you call them, they’re back, and they’ve gotten a nice makeover. These tiny bags fit snugly around your waist and are an excellent choice for field trips, amusement parks, and sporting events. Pick out a few great handbags under $30 in the handbags and accessories department.


Get Wallets Under 30

Our wallets under $30 will bring order to your purse! We’ve all dealt with our purses being in a state of chaos. Coins and dollar bills resting at the bottom, forcing us to awkwardly dig out what we need. What about those frightening moments when you think you lost your card, but as you dig some more, you find it wrapped up in a receipt. A nice wallet will help to organize your purse. Never lose track of your change or cards again. If you want everything in one spot, then a simple coin purse is right for you. Wristlets give you a great bang for your buck. You can keep them in your main purse like a wallet, or use them on their own when you need to. If you have a quick errand to run and don’t feel bringing your larger purse, slip the wristlet strap around your wrist and go. Some are even big enough to for you to keep your phone in. Stop playing hid and seek with your money, and check out our wallets under $30 in the handbags and accessories department.