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Helping Kids Beyond the Classroom

JCPenney Cares is a registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping children succeed by keeping them safe, healthy and engaged beyond the classroom. We support local and national nonprofit organizations that provide youth enrichment opportunities outside of school.

The hours kids spend beyond the classroom are integral to their educational development and personal enrichment. We want to help families set their kids up for success by assisting with programs and resources kids truly need—that could be having a safe place to study or spend time with friends and mentors out of school, having the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, getting to participate in a career exploration program, taking home a backpack full of healthy snacks for the weekend, or simply having the proper clothing to take on the day.

For JCPenney Cares, "beyond the classroom" means making sure children across the country have what they need to succeed…everything from basics to the greatest of experiences.

We show our support through meaningful partnerships with organizations by way of traditional grant making, cause marketing opportunities and more.

Round Up: Your Change Makes Real Change

At key times throughout the year, JCPenney invites customers to get involved by rounding up their in-store or online purchases to the nearest dollar and supporting JCPenney Cares. All funds raised are donated to local and national programs providing resources and opportunities for our nation's youth.

Real Stories

Unlocking Musical Talent

In August 2014, JCPenney invited customers to round up their purchases to support organizations focused on arts in education. Funds raised helped benefit Little Kids Rock, a national nonprofit dedicated to unlocking children's inner music-makers by revitalizing music education programming in public schools.

Little Kids Rock not only provides instruments to schools, they train public school teachers and provide resources for classrooms and students' use outside of school.

With JCPenney customers' generous round up donations, over 1,600 instruments have been distributed in the 2014-2015 school year and Little Kids Rock is now reaching more than 195,000 children with the gift of learning to play music they love.

kids with musical instruments

Supporting Our Military

For more than 20 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) has proudly partnered with the U.S. Armed Services. Today, BGCA partners with every branch of the U.S. military serving approximately 500,000 school-age military youth.

While children in military families may not wear the uniform, they bravely bear the demands that a life of military service requires. On average, military children move 6-9 times before graduating high school. Deployments and training requirements can also mean long separations from their parents. With a BGCA-affiliated youth center on nearly every U.S. military installation, Boys & Girls Clubs serve as a constant presence in the life of a military child.

With the help of JCPenney customer round up donations from the 2014 holiday season, JCPenney Cares was able to assist BGCA to continue to provide the children of military personnel with the critical youth development programs and activities they need.

soldier and boy

Creativity In The Classroom

In October 2014, JCPenney Cares awarded Young Audiences, Inc. a $300,000 grant to support the expansion and enhancement of their innovative, arts- integrated literary program, Arts for Learning (A4L).

The nonprofit organization works with educational systems, the arts community and private and public sectors to provide arts education to children.

With funding from JCPenney Cares, Young Audiences was able to provide grants to 12 affiliates to refine, implement and assess their A4L program in schools and community centers nationwide. Teachers are using their new resources to build creative learning in the classroom.

Sheena Jeffers, a Young Audience teaching artist, shared, "A4L provides students the opportunities to grow in their curriculum and in their lives. [We are able to dive] deeper into reading and life lessons. Priceless learning lasts a lifetime."

kids in classroom

JCPenney Cares Partners

Below are some of our partners and beneficiaries. Thank you for your support!

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At this time, JCPenney Cares does not accept or respond to unsolicited grant applications or letters of interest. We appreciate your support and will post information on this site should the program open to general applicants in the future.