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Break a Sweat in Guys Workout Clothes

Whether you’re in the gym, on the field or running the track, you need the right guys workout clothes to maximize your efforts. It’s not enough to just break a sweat in sweats anymore, and it’s not about buying the most expensive, brand name apparel either. When it comes to guys workout clothes, the best choices are made where style and function cross, and JCPenney is where that happy medium lives. We have literally hundreds of t-shirts and tanks, socks and underwear, hoodies, fleece, shorts and jackets available to help you reach your fitness goals. And when we say help, we really mean it.


One of the best items you can invest in for optimal workouts is compression wear. Made up of moisture wicking materials, compression wear comes in various pants and shirt styles and works overtime while you work out. Compression wear minimizes jiggle with a snug fit (really helpful if you’re trying to lose a few) and supports muscles by keeping them warm. This allows your muscles to produce less lactic acid, which in turn means you’re less sore the days following your workout. Most compression wear comes with additional benefits like antimicrobial properties that fight help fight odor, or non-rolling elastic waistbands for expandable comfort. But generally, you won’t have to worry about soreness, jiggle, chaffing or sweaty clothes weighing you down when you do your workouts in quality compression wear. JCPenny has lots of compression options available in socks, pants, shorts and shirts from brands like Xersion, Adidas, Nike and Asics. Go ahead and get some.


Sweats still have a place in your daily workouts. Compression wear is snug and can be quite revealing, so shorts or sweatpants—whether they’re jersey, cotton blend, or polyester tricot—are a must if you’re planning on working out in public spaces and don’t wish to be put on display. JCPenney has tons of selection when it comes to guys workout clothes. Shop our men’s clothing collection of sweatpants, gym shorts, socks, and more at

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