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Super Cool Boys Swim Trunks and Beyond

Choosing the right swimsuit is easy when you have so many options. You'll find some with drawstrings and others with elastic waistbands in both baggy and slim-fit styles. Pick from an abundance of patterns and prints, from fun characters (like Batman and Buzz Lightyear) to stripes, sharks and camouflage. Volley shorts are great for days he's playing in the yard after a swim or headed to the water park. To protect him from the sand, surf and sun, make sure you pick out a few rash guards, too. They keep sunburn at bay and work as great waterproof shirts if he's on the go. Best of all, you can even find matching swimwear sets that include both the swim trunks and the rash guard. With a complete set, your son will be ready for any wave that comes his way.


Make sure you pick up a few beach towels while you're shopping as well - he has to get out of the water sometime, after all! You can also choose from a variety of boys sandals that will protect his feet (and make him look cool doing it). With boys swimsuits in brands like Nike, Disney and Marvel, he's sure to find just the pair that suits him best - at a price everyone can appreciate.


Boys’ Swimwear for Staying Cool During Summer

Boys’ swimwear does not begin and end with swim trunks. There’s a variety of swimwear wear for boys to rock for a day of fun in the water. Each situation calls for a different ensemble, and we have you covered on all fronts. Take the beach, for example: Little surfers and splash fiends need full-body protection before launching into the sand and surf. Get him, a rash guard to protect against all the issues that come with extended exposure to the sun. He’ll love the cool character themed rash guards featuring Jake the Pirate, Spider Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, and more.  Have him slip on a Nike Hydro Swim Tee. It  provides all of the same benefits of a regular rash guard and SPF 50 protection. This shirt will work in tandem with the sunscreen he's already wearing. Whichever boy’s swimsuits you choose for your son, he's sure to make a splash - no pun intended. Shop our entire collection of boys' swimwear and keep your son cool in more ways than one!

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