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Big and Tall Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, Shirts and More

Underwear is one of the most essential pieces to your wardrobe. When the weather turns warm it’s time to tuck away the thermals in favor of cooler attire. You can get all the big and tall underwear you need with us! Thin t-shirts and sleeveless shirts are just what you need to wear underneath your dress shirts. Boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs? That’s the aged old question every man has to answer. There is still a segment of men that prefer briefs and boxers. These are the tried and true classics that have ruled the men’s underwear scene for decades. But others have fully embraced the fit and style of boxer-briefs. Boxer briefs as we know them are only about 25 years old, but they reign supreme as the favorite style of underwear for most men. You must always have a set of basic white and black underwear as a foundation, but be sure to jazz up, your underwear drawer with fun colors and patterns too. No matter where your loyalties lay, you will always find plenty of boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs to choose from, in addition to undershirts and socks.


Big and Tall Socks for Every Occasion 

Get socks that fit your feet and won’t cut off your circulation with big and tall socks from JCPenney. Toss out those ragged socks and stock up on athletic, casual, and dress socks for great prices from all the brands you love. Step up your basketball game and avoid soggy socks with Nike Dri-FIT basketball socks. These socks will place a smile on your face with their fun blend of bright colors and unique designs. They have a left right specific design for a better fit and will give you the foot support you need to play long and hard thanks to a unique arch compression and a reinforced heel and toe. Don’t throw off the look of your dress attire by wearing the wrong socks. While they won’t be on full display, your socks are just as important  to your look as your tie. We have an amazing assortment of dress socks. Shop microfiber, cotton, nylon, and a mix of the three. Solid colors, argyle, and polka dots are just some of the colors you have to choose from. Shop our big and tall socks today in the men’s department and treat your feet to some of the best socks around.

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