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Cufflinks: Fun & Stylish

Take every chance to totally customize your look with high-quality cufflinks at JCPenney. Even more so than bow ties, your pair of cufflinks has the potential to tell a part of your story without a single word being spoken. Pay homage to your favorite group or organization with logos and insignias shown off on the side of your wrist. Feeling patriotic? Display an American flag or maybe even cufflinks in the shape of your favorite state. For a more traditional option, we offer standard cufflinks in a variety of shapes and finishes that will pair perfectly with any dress shirt. Choose from round, rectangular, and square cufflinks in an assortment of colors and chic patterns. Personalize cufflinks with your name or initials and gain accessories you can utilize for years to come. Bring some fun to your suit with playful and whimsical cufflinks. Show your Star Wars devotion with Yoda or Storm Trooper cufflinks. Show your love for your favorite sport or sports team. With a set of waffle cufflinks, you can take a plate of hot buttery waffles everywhere with you. From fun to playful to pure style, we have a shiny, new set of cuff links with your name on it--figuratively or literally, so head to the men’s department get yourself a set!


Tie Clips to Elevate Your Style

You’ve taken the plunge and bought tie clips. Now you’re wondering - how do I wear them? Tie clips are meant to connect both ends of your tie to the front of your shirt, also known as the placket. Never wear one without securing it to your shirt. Placement is extremely important too! If you position the tie clip too high or too low it will throw off your entire look. The perfect position is between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. There are two main types of tie clips: pinch clasp and slide clasp. The rule of thumb is to wear slide clasps for thinner ties and lighter fabrics and pinch clasps with thicker ties and heavier fabrics. Whether you choose a pinch or slide clasp, just make sure that your clip is not wider than your tie. If you choose to add a waist coat or vest, forgo the tie clips. Waist coats and vests are meant to hold your tie in place, so you don’t need to wear one.

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