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How to Buy a Suit 

Looking to buy your first suit or expand your existing wardrobe? Here's how to find the perfect suit for you.


1. Get your measurements. The key to looking good in a suit is to get one that fits, and to do that you've got to get measured. Once you've got your numbers in hand, you'll have a general idea of what size pants and jacket you'll need. You can fine-tune the fit later on.


2. Choose your materials. There are a wide range of fabrics you can pick--from breezy linen to luxurious Super 120 wool. Keep in mind your local climate and when you'll want to wear the suit. If this is your first suit, it's best to choose a material you'll be comfortable in year round.


3. Choose a color for your suit. Navy and charcoal suits are generally considered the most versatile, with black suits coming off as more formal. While you might be tempted by a louder color, it's best to have a few core suits in more common shades before branching out beyond the basics.


4. Pick out how you'd like the suit jacket cut. Single-breasted jackets feature one row of buttons while double-breasted variants have two. Usually, double-breasted options are considered more formal and conservative than single-breasted ones.


5. Fine-tune the fit of the new suit. Even with accurate measurements, there's still some things that can be off. Make sure the shoulder pads don't hang off the ends of your shoulder bones. Next, look and see where the suit jacket sleeves end--they should hit the area where thumb meets the wrist. This should expose about a quarter inch of your dress shirt cuffs. Make sure that the back of the jacket covers the seat of your pants.


6. Consider the length of the suit pants. Most people choose one out of a handful of options for how the hem of your pants falls. A full break will completely cover the ankle and cause the fabric to bunch up around the top of the shoe, while a medium break will hit halfway down the shoe. Going for a slight break will have your hems just reaching the top of the shoe, letting you show off your dress socks.


7. Select your accessories. Cuff links, tie clips, pocket squares, and different styles of men's ties all come together to elevate your appearance. Stand out from the crowd in a good way by adding tasteful men's accessories into the mix!

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