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Chess Sets: Checkmate Your Friends in Style

Whether you’re just learning to play chess or you are a seasoned pro, we have an amazing collection of chess sets for you. Chess is one of the most beloved board games around the world, and its history spans over 1,500 years. It is the ultimate strategy game, testing your ability to outwit and outplay your opponent. Choosing a chess set is a big step and investment. How do you choose a new chess set? The first thing to do is to decide on your budget. We make this part easy for you because we have a range of sets at great price points. Next you need to decide if the board for is for serious play or decoration. Technically, you can play with decorative sets, but you may have trouble identifying what the pieces are – bishop, pawn, queen, etc. Serious game players and beginners, should definitely invest in a traditional set. If you will be traveling with your set often, it’s best to get a set that can stand up to the rigors of traveling. That means you’ll want to get a set with chessmen made from durable materials. Sturdy chessmen are also extremely important when playing speed chess. Take your chess playing to the next level with chess sets in the toy department.


Shop Checkers and Chinese Checkers Sets

Have hours of great fun with our selection of checkers sets! Checkers is a fun strategy that comes in many different flavors. Traditional checkers is played on an 8x8 checkerboard with two opponents, red and black. Unlike chess, the checker pieces can only move in one direction, diagonally. Most checkers pieces are made from a sturdy and lightweight plastic, making them great for taking on family road trips. Chinese checkers are were invented in Germany in 1892. Chinese checkers differ from traditional checkers in many ways. The board is a six pointed star, and instead of using coin shaped pieces, the board utilizes colorful marbles. The objective is to place all of your marbles in the “home base” of the player opposite of you. The game can be played with up to six players, and capturing another player’s pieces is not allowed. Both games are great for people of all ages, and many use them as stepping stones to chess. Shop our checkers sets and other board games in the toy department.

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