Summer Adventure

The Road to Adventure Begins Here

Taking a summer road trip involves careful planning and packing to ensure a carefree time. Start with the right luggage and duffel bags to pack the car with room to spare. Headed to a national park for vacation? Map out all the great trails, then throw on your backpack to carry all your gear and get hiking. Seeing some natural landscapes can be a healthy and mind-relaxing way to spend time with family or friends. Navigate nature safely with a good supply of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to shield your skin from the elements. And, remember to protect your feet. Durable hiking boots or trail shoes are important to keep you moving in comfort.

Cool Off with Water Activities

The outdoors is the place to be this summer vacation. Relentless heat and sun, though, can sometimes be daunting. Make sure to mix in some water fun. Hit the beach for a little sand and surf. Or, just hang out by the pool in your neighborhood or backyard. Even just setting up a new sprinkler on the lawn can create simple fun and memories with a refreshing twist. Either way, get the whole family new swimming suits to kick off the season. We've got swimwear for women, men and kids, including one-piece styles, bikinis and shorts to fit everyone's tastes. Stock up on beach towels to ensure everyone dries off comfy.

Whether your plans this summer take you across the country or just to the backyard, we've got everything you need to have a one-of-a-kind journey your family will enjoy and remember for years to come. Shirts, shorts and dresses in bright hues and beachy patterns get you in the right mode to start your summer off fresh and stylish. And, with all the money you're saving shopping at JCPenney, this could end up being your most enjoyable summer vacation you've had in a while. Happy exploring!

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