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Stay Light on Your Feet in A2 by Aerosoles

When you're looking for stylish footwear that delivers impressive comfort, check out the A2 by Aerosoles lineup. You can find all types of shoe options for every occasion at JCPenney, all available at prices that fit into just about any budget.

About the Aerosoles Brand

Aerosoles empowers women to feel smarter, inspired, and more confident during every moment of their lives. With an impressive lineup of innovative footwear, Aerosoles combine performance, style, and quality for women who don't want to sacrifice comfort. Designers collaborate with influencers and other members of the Aerosoles team to produce fashionable, functional footwear that feels effortless to wear.

Every customer has her own unique set of needs for her shoes, whether she is standing at the front of a boardroom leading a meeting or chasing her kids at the park. That same customer might find herself in both situations during a day in her life, which is why Aerosoles designs shoes for every situation. The motto of the Aerosoles brand is "Fashion that Feels Good," which means you don't have to sacrifice your feet to look stylish.

Protect Your Feet

When you sacrifice comfort, your feet could suffer more than you realize. Wearing uncomfortable shoes might not sound like a serious problem, but continuing to do so can lead to joint pain, calluses, and pain in your heel. Over time, you can increase your risk of ingrown toenails, exacerbate bunions, or develop blisters and corns. Poorly fitting shoes can also cause athlete's foot, an itchy skin irritation caused by microscopic fungi. None of these problems are fun to deal with, and some could even require medical intervention or surgery.

A2 by Aerosoles at JCPenney

No matter what type of footwear you're shopping for, you can find it in the A2 by Aerosoles line, available at JCPenney. When you're heading to the office, a pair of pumps always pairs nicely with your best suit or business casual outfit. You can find pumps in various heel heights and colors, ensuring that you have a pair of A2 by Aerosoles to match every outfit in your closet. Metal accents and buckles, unique exterior designs, and ribbons and ties on the shoes add a little something extra.

When you're meeting a special someone for date night or enjoying cocktails with your group of friends, don a pair of A2 by Aerosoles sandals so you can dance the night away without feeling the burn. You can find wedge, platform, and flat sandals within the lineup. During the winter months, make sure to add your boots and booties to the lineup, keeping your feet warm while helping you stay current with the latest styles. A2 by Aerosoles also offers casual styles for hanging out at home or running errands. Find the perfect pair of A2 by Aerosoles at JCPenney.