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Travel Better with American Tourister Luggage

Every jetsetter knows the importance of a good set of luggage. Without the right bags, it's tough to pack and take your stuff on your adventures around the globe. American Tourister luggage is among the best options available, showing off stylish pieces that are easy to transport and offer plenty of storage space. Find the American Tourister luggage you need for your next trip at JCPenney.

History of American Tourister Luggage

When Sol Koffler decided to make a tough suitcase that he could sell for a dollar, American Tourister came on the luggage scene. The company started in 1933 and has grown substantially over the past 75 years. American Tourister is one of the top luggage brands across the globe, continuing Koffler's tradition of high-quality luggage at a price that just about any buyer can afford. In addition to luggage, the brand also offers business and casual pieces.

The difference between suitcases from American Tourister and pieces from other brands is the hard outer shell. This style offers better protection for your fragile items, especially when you're flying and your bag is tossed around beneath the plane. American Tourister also offers soft suitcases if you prefer that style. The wheels of the bags are flexible and easy to use, allowing for easier movement as you hustle through the airport to catch a flight.

Plenty of Styles and Sizes

At JCPenney, you're not limited to choosing from a handful of luggage pieces. Instead, you can find a wide variety of styles, available in varying sizes, to accommodate a short weekend trip or a vacation for multiple weeks. If you need more than one suitcase, check out the sets with three or four matching pieces. These stylish options work well for families or single travelers who pack heavy. Kids love the themed luggage options from American Tourister, showing off bold designs with their favorite characters. If you're a "Star Wars" fan or a kid at heart, you'll love these eye-catching designs as well.

When you're traveling for business, you might need a smaller suitcase so you don't have to check your bag as you attend a conference or catch a meeting. The lightweight hard side bags from American Tourister are perfect for work travel, measuring between 21 and 28 inches in height for easy storage beneath the seat or in the overhead compartment. JCPenney carries a wide selection of these carry-on size suitcases from the leading luggage brand.

When you're preparing for a vacation, American Tourister luggage from JCPenney is the best option. With a suitcase from this brand, you can fit all your essentials without having to sit on your bag to make it close.

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