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Appliance Stores Take the Guess Work Out of Appliance Shopping

Your whole world stops when one of your major appliances gives out on you. You spring into action, and start doing all the preliminary research. But it can be a bit overwhelming sifting through all that information. Let JCPenney be your guide to the world of major appliances. Our appliance stores offer an amazing selection of appliances from Samsung, LG, and GE.

Bring home a new free standing electric range with all the latest technology, and get a matching range hood to quickly suck up fumes. Possibly consider a cooktop and wall oven combo instead of a range. You can convert the area where your range sat into additional storage space. We have many dishwashers that come with adjustable racks giving you the flexibility you need when loading dirty dishes. Get more laundry done quicker with a highly efficient front load washer and dryer set. Speaking of efficient, look into an ENERGY STAR certified appliance. Appliances with the ENERGY star seal of approval give you quality performance with less energy usage. Keep your home a cold as ice in the summer time with an air conditioning unit. We have window units and wall units, and some of them offer dual A/C and heat options.

When looking for appliance stores for your next major purchase, come to JCPenney. With a purchase of $299 or more, you’ll get free delivery and basic installation. We also have opportunities for rebates too! If you’re trying to save even more money, take a look at our appliance sale to find a great deal on your favorite brands.

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