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    The Best Baby Monitors

    Even though everyone says to sleep when the baby sleeps, it’s not always an option, especially when you have other children in the house. A baby monitor is a lifesaver, allowing you to go comfortably throughout your home, while knowing you’ll always hear and/or see when your child awakens. Being able to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera so you can easily monitor the room keeps you from feeling that you need to check in on your child every few minutes, as new parents can relate to. The best baby monitors today have myriad features, including two-way communication so parents can talk to baby, or parent-to-parent, in the nursery, automatic black and white night vision, digital zoom for closer views on screen, sound-activated lights and monitoring room temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    A video baby monitor is a popular choice, and with good reason. The summer baby monitor, Summer Infant Baby Zoom, allows you to view from home or away, using your phone, tablet or computer via the free Summer Link WiFi app. A dual coverage set allows both parents or caregivers to keep a unit with them while on separate floors or in different rooms of the house. Try a wide-view video monitor for an even bigger view of baby’s room. With a wide-angle lense and a large color flat screen monitor, caregivers can rest easy knowing their little one won’t ever go out of view.

    Audio baby monitors are a more affordable option. Sound-activated LED lights show you the level of noise coming from the nursery and boasts a highly sensitive microphone focused on sounds coming from the baby, not background or ambient noises. With a range of up to 650 feet and a built-in belt clip, you have the freedom to work around the house while keeping tabs on baby’s naps and bedtime.

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