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Don't Settle for Common Window Adornments

Curtains are just one way to adorn your windows, and honestly, they can get old and boring very fast. When you're not feeling curtains or are working in small spaces where curtains don't make sense, it's time to turn your attention to other methods of dressing your windows and filtering the sun. One popular and gorgeous material used in window dressings is bamboo.

When you want blinds or shades, bamboo is an eco-friendly material to choose. If you're thinking that bamboo only comes in one shade and texture, think again. When you shop at JC Penney, you'll see bamboo window dressings in a range of colors that will fit all kinds of decor, including bohemian, modern, traditional, and urban.

Dress Your Windows in Bamboo

Texture is an important part of interior design that people often forget, especially when it comes to windows. After all, throwing up a set of curtains may be an easy way to adorn a window, but it's not always the most interesting. Sometimes windows are long and narrow, and curtains don't look as attractive on them as rolling Roman shades do. Other times, the plastic horizontal blinds that many homeowners favor don't have enough personality for the interior design aesthetic you may prefer.

Bamboo gives a minimalist look without sacrificing texture. It fits well in mud rooms, glass porches, kitchens, and guest bedrooms. If you're a house-plant fanatic, bamboo blinds and shades bring a little outdoor texture into your home.

Bamboo Is Easy

One advantage of bamboo shades is that they're easy to install. You measure your windows and order the width and length you need. If you're like most people, you like two layers of curtains, so instead of having to install two curtain rods and two sets of drapes, you just hang one shade or blind. Whether it operates via a cord or by simply tugging on its bottom is up to you, but raising and lowering it is a simple matter. Plus, that bamboo shade won't rob you of valuable wall space on either side of your window.

Bamboo looks good in living rooms, kitchens, offices, and guest rooms. Browse the various types of bamboo blinds and shades when you shop online at JC Penney.

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