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3 Piece Bathroom Rug Sets for a Cozy Bathroom

Let's face it. You spend more time in the bathroom that you realize. It's where you get ready for your day — a place to get clean, put on a game face, seek relief, and keep the necessities of life. So why not make it a place you want to spend time? Putting in a 3 piece bedroom rug set makes the space more comfortable and gives you a comfortable place to stand while you're taking care of your personal needs. And it's a warm spot to rest when the weather gets cold. Who wants to stand on a cold bathroom floor on a chilly winter morning?

Set down a 3 piece bathroom rug set in strategic locations, so your feet never need to touch the floor. Create a runway of soft, cushioned fabric to walk on as you make your way to the next room for your next daily routine.

Put Your Creative Spirit Into the Bathroom

A 3 piece bathroom rug set really ties the room together, especially when the set matches the room decor. It's true that rugs take up visual space and make a room feel smaller, but it also makes the room feel welcoming. This is your opportunity to find rugs that reflect the colors and fixtures in the bathroom and create a visual flow that brings the eye into the space and lets the viewer explore. You're creating a harmonious space that welcomes the user to sit down and relax for a while.

It might be that you have a creative side that you want to unleash and you can't easily do it in another room in the house. But you do have your own private powder room that only you use or isn't located where everyone has easy access to it. This is an opportunity to have a bit of fun! Find a pattern or color in a 3 piece bathroom rug set that doesn't match, has an interesting texture, or simply makes you feel good.

Protect Yourself From Cold Floors and Wet Spots

Bathrooms are notorious for having wet spots on the floor. Someone forgets to throw a towel down after a shower or bath? Wet spot. Someone splashed in the sink and didn't dry afterwards? Wet spot. It's an unpleasant feeling to walk blindly into a puddle on the floor. Lay down a 3 piece bathroom rug set and banish the wet spots from your bathroom forever. Bathroom rug sets are designed to absorb water time and time again, so you don't have to deal with someone else's mess. And all you need to do with a wet rug is to toss it in the dryer to make it like new again.

Find many patterns and colors of 3 piece bathroom rug sets at JCPenney.

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