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Reimagine Your Bathroom With New Bathroom Vanities

In many ways, the bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom. Guests notice it first when they walk in. You stand at it every morning and every evening. It holds your bathroom essentials, from toothbrushes to makeup. Dealing with a bathroom vanity you don't like is frustrating because you can't ignore the problem. Whether you dislike the style or need more space, a new bathroom vanity from JCPenney will invigorate your entire bathroom.

Mix and Match for Your Personal Interior Style

Bathroom vanities at JCPenney come in two ways: with countertops attached, or without countertops so you can choose the one you like best. Find your perfect bathroom style without compromise by shopping for tops and bottoms separately. Switching between Galala marble and Carrera marble gives the same vanity bottom an entirely new look. The warmth in Galala is great for smaller bathrooms boasting colorful towels. Carrera's crisp white looks gorgeous and clean in any space.

Color options range from dark wood to beautiful white, so matching your existing decor is a breeze. However, you may find that a new vanity is a chance to add a new personality to your bathroom. Choose a color different from what you currently have, and consider painting an accent wall to set it off.

Fit Your Space, Even if it's Small

Small bathrooms are no problem for JCPenney vanities. While we have the double-sink options everyone dreams about, our smaller vanity options are equally pleasing. Find one with more space than your current vanity to maximize the amount of storage you have in a tiny bathroom. Features like open bottoms with low shelves add the illusion of a little more room in your bathroom, without depriving you of valuable storage space.

Bathroom vanities are essential components in a bathroom; a bad one causes you inconvenience, while a good one makes all the difference while you're doing your morning and nightly routines. Shop at your local JCPenney store to see our fabulous bathroom counters in person and find the one you connect with. If you'd rather stay home, take measurements in your bathroom, then head to the JCPenney online selection to find the perfect bathroom vanity.

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