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Bring Style to Your Bathroom With a Round Bath Rug

A round bath rug is an eye-catching addition to any bathroom. More unique than a square or rectangular bath rug, a round bath rug is a statement piece with a functional purpose.

The Benefits of Using Round Bath Rugs

While round bath rugs add personality to bathrooms, they also have several practical benefits. Bathroom tiles are often cold, especially in the mornings and during winter. Standing on a plush round bath rug while you brush your teeth or style your hair is much more pleasant than standing on icy tiles. You can also bid farewell to that shock of stepping from a warm shower onto freezing tiles when you lay a round bath rug down.

Tiles are slippery when your feet are wet from the shower or tub. Round bath rugs give you a more stable place to stand than your tiles. Many of JCPenney's round bath rugs also feature anti-skid spray latex backing for even more security underfoot.

JCPenney's round bath rugs absorb some of the water from your body, ensuring your tiles aren't slippery for the next person entering the room. You'll find round bath rugs made from highly absorbent and durable materials like tufted cotton and soft polyester at JCPenney. If you ever drop your toothpaste or styling cream on the rug, it's easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Shop a Wide Range of Round Bath Rugs at JCPenney

We understand you're an individual, so at JCPenney we proudly stock a wide variety of round bath rugs to appeal to all tastes and bathroom color schemes. There are subtle rugs with simple wave and abstract designs. You'll find these elegant round bath rugs in classic hues like white, sage green, and silver gray.

Alternatively, you can inject more personality into your bathroom with one of JCPenney's bolder round bath rugs. A round rug is the perfect canvas for a bold floral design rendered in vibrant tones like aqua and coral. You'll also find round bath rugs with quirky cat and pineapple designs, perfect for making a bland bathroom space much more fun. Your children will love JCPenney's round bath rugs featuring their favorite characters including the lovable blue tang Dory.

With so many choices, finding the right round bath rug for their bathroom can be tricky. However, JCPenney's online shoppers benefit from the experience of other buyers. Make sure to note the star ratings and comments from other people who've bought the round bath rugs to make the best choice for your wants and needs.

Whether your taste is traditional or you embrace your quirks, you'll find the right round bath rug for your bathroom at JCPenney.

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