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Make Every Movie Experience Better with a New Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray players give people the ability to watch movies at home in a high-definition format. As entertainment technology continues to advance, Blu-ray players remain popular pieces of electronics for the home.

Why Buy a Blu-ray Player?

All Blu-ray players offer incredible images with 1080p video capabilities — the highest available resolution HD on the market. Compare that resolution to DVD players, which offer only 480p. The beauty of these Blu-ray players lies in their affordability, making them great additions to any in-home entertainment center.

Look for Multiple Disc Capacity

Multiple disc capacity is a feature that saves you from having to manually switch and replace Blu-ray discs when you've finished playing or watching them. Traditionally, Blu-ray players held only one disc at a time, but some now feature internal disc containers that hold several Blu-ray discs at once.

Enjoy the Experience of Surround Sound

Many Blu-ray players include multichannel surround sound. Some also work with Digital Theater Systems (DTS) surround sound, a high-tech format that offers a realistic audio experience. In order to engage in the extraordinary surround sound that Blu-ray players offer, you'll have to strategically place a number of external speakers around the room. Then get ready to be impressed by an enveloping surround-sound experience.

Gain the Pleasure of Video Streaming

Video streaming is a popular feature for movie buffs. This feature allows you to connect to other movie services online. These bonus services offer movies and TV shows in a digital format that you can download to and play on your Blu-ray system.

Sometimes, you can rent and view these movies once. At other times, you can record the purchases on your service account so that you can access them when you want to. This feature can help you save storage space since you don't have to buy and store Blu-ray discs. You can also sign up for monthly memberships where you can get access to a large selection of media at any time.

Think About External Memory and Storage Features

Some Blu-ray players come with connection ports for more external memory. You can use this extra memory to access BD-Live and video games. Additionally, this enhanced memory allows the system to play digital files such as music, photos, and videos that you may want to play on your Blu-ray player from external storage devices.

A Blu-ray player makes an ideal addition to any home and family entertainment center. With a Blu-ray player in your home, you and your family can be treated to a memorable entertainment experience. Shop JCPenney today for all the latest Blu-ray players from some of the leading brands in home entertainment electronic devices.

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