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Boyfriend Jeans for a More Relaxed Sense of Fashion

Boyfriend jeans are the perfect jeans to create a relaxed and stylish look. Swap out those old pants for an affordable new pair of jeans that will impress all the other moms at the PTA and room-mom meetings. Why wear mom jeans when you can wear boyfriend jeans? The usual low to mid-rise waist has a comfortable feel with room to move and offers a more relaxed fit. The denim jeans create a sophisticated style that is perfect for wearing around town, showing your curves, or attending a meeting at work.

What to Pair with Your Boyfriend Jeans

Women's boyfriend jeans are perfect to wear with high heels, chunky heels, athletic shoes, ballet flats, or sandals. Turn heads by wearing a popular off-the-shoulder top, tank top, or even a hoodie. The jeans go great with an old faded t-shirt, cardigan, sweatshirt, or blouse. You can change your style daily with the boyfriend jeans to suit your mood and your mission.

These boyfriend-inspired jeans won't break the bank and come in a variety of styles. Curvy cropped, rolled cuff, slim, tall, embroidered, scalloped edge, original fit, and so much more. The jeans come in an assortment of colors, styles, and denim. You can choose from button-up or zipper, whichever is your favorite. The five-pocket style is typical of the jeans available at JCPenney.

Vintage Looks, Unmatched Comfort

Even though you know the jeans didn't come from your boyfriend's closet, you can rock the look by wearing a pair that is acid-washed and creates a vintage style. If you're looking for an even more casual chic appearance, grab a pair of ripped and faded jeans to pull off a younger and more relaxed look. Vintage is always a hit when you hook the look with a button-down shirt. Add a scarf through the belt-loop and some accessories to finish the look. A set of dangly earrings and a colorful necklace will complete the style.

Boyfriend jeans are always a style hit and are a must-have in every closet. Slide them on, sit comfortably, and know your look is unmatched. You'll have everyone asking where you bought your jeans and wanting to copy your style.

Grab the look that stands the test of time, from Marilyn Monroe to the newer stars of our day. The classic look gives you the chance to be a pillar of style in your community. The jeans at JCPenney are affordable and the prices stay within your budget and you don't have to sacrifice style. Boyfriend jeans are some of the most comfortable denim you will wear. Grab a few pairs so you can make comfort and style a part of your everyday life.

Boyfriend jean styles

Leg styles include straight leg, wide leg, skinny leg, cuffed leg, and more. The jeans come in a variety of sizes to fit every body type and give you that flattering feminine style that you're after. Boyfriend jeans offer a flattering and timeless look for any body type. Don't raid your boyfriend's closet, get your own pair of jeans that will look great on you.

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