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Kitty Can Climb and Scratch on Cat Trees

Cat trees and other types of cat furniture help to combine exercise with playtime for your furry friends. Cats love to play, claw, climb, and stretch, so tall pieces of cat furniture are the perfect spots to do all of these activities. Giving your cat a good place to scratch also limits damage to your furniture. Add a couple of cat trees to your home and turn the space into an adventurous place to play, nap, and explore.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

If you prefer to keep your cat indoors for safety, cat trees turn the inside of your home into a more exciting place. Your kitty can climb and scratch, keep watch from the highest perch, and jump from the different levels to get some exercise. If your cat does go outside, consider putting a cat tree on the porch for a safe place to hide and nap. Some cat trees have hanging toys attached to the shelves or platforms, giving your feline something fun to bat at and play with whenever he’s up there.

Protect Your Furniture and Floors

Cat trees are beneficial for cats, giving them opportunities to play and stay active, but they also help protect your home. Cats need to scratch, but they often expose their claws and start digging at your favorite pieces of furniture or clawing at the carpet. Instead of declawing, which is painful and unnecessary, simply give your kitty a better and more appealing place to scratch. A multi-level cat tower covered in carpet or wrapped in twine will appeal to the senses in your cat’s paws and gives the kitty a safe, approved place to scratch. Put several cat trees throughout your home to keep unwanted scratching to a minimum.

Plan for the Placement

Before you head out and buy some cat trees, make sure to measure the spaces in your home where you plan to place the trees. If you have enough room, try to place the cat tree near the furniture your cat likes to scratch. Cat trees come in a variety of widths and heights, so you can maximize the space by choosing a tree that fills it without feeling too big.

In smaller spaces, compact cat trees with just a level or two offer a fun place to play. You might like to try different styles of cat trees to figure out what textures and materials your cat likes best. Some trees even have ladders, platforms of varying heights, and support columns wrapped with twine to change up the feel on your cat’s paws.

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