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Ceiling Fans Keep the Air Moving

Adding ceiling fans throughout your home comes with a number of benefits for comfort and ambience. You can also take advantage of lower energy bills, since ceiling fans don't take as much energy to run as the central air conditioner. Fans are also helpful during the winter months, as they can move warm air throughout the space.

Keep the Room Cooler

Although a ceiling fan doesn't produce cold air or decrease a room's temperature, it can still make the space feel more comfortable. You may find that you can increase the temperature on your thermostat but still feel comfortable when the fan is on. Certain types of fans are more efficient than others, resulting in up to 60 percent savings on utility bills.

Style and Flair

When you shop for ceiling fans at JCPenney, you don't have to limit yourself to a simple design that looks like the fan in every other home. Instead, check out the selection of fans that will make a statement in your house. Various types of metal, such as satin nickel, English bronze, and brushed pewter complement the color options, allowing you to find a fan that fits well with your space.

You can also opt for a fan with wide or narrow blades, as well as choose the number of blades and the size of the fan. Some styles have built-in light fixtures, while others simply have the blades designed to move air. If you want a more rustic look, check out the fans that showcase natural, aged wood. If you prefer a neutral fan that doesn't take away from the décor, look for a black or white option.

Enjoy the Benefits Year-Round

You might think that a ceiling fan is only helpful during the summer months, but you can actually use it throughout the year. Switch the direction of the blades when the temperatures cool down to start pushing warm air down from the ceiling. Since heat rises, you can enjoy that warmth that hovers near the ceiling without having to run the heating system as much.

JCPenney has a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect ceiling fan for every room in your home. Add fans to your living spaces, bedrooms, and screened-in outdoor areas to maximize the benefits.

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