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Classic Nutcrackers

Bring a smile to the faces of both young and old. Go for a classic this holiday season with nutcrackers that are sure to spruce up your Christmas table decorations this season. Hand-painted in festive colors, a Christmas nutcracker brings festive cheer to any tabletop. It comes with a glittery scepter and pedestal, with a lever at the back to open and close the mouth. There are a variety of nutcrackers to choose from, depending on your style and taste: a baker, a wooden soldier, a snowman, a mouse and more. They all do their job well: standing gallantly over all your holiday proceedings with a great amount of Christmas cheer.


Great selection of Christmas Figurines

Another tabletop décor idea for the holidays is a fun Christmas figurine that’s sure to be a conversation starter at all your parties this season. A glitzy Santa is both whimsical and cheerful, while the North Pole Trading Co.’s different iterations are all great takes on Santa, from a baker to a tropical Santa, from a wintery version to a more vintage style. Beyond St. Nick, JCPenney has lots of pretty figurines that will add a touch of holiday drama to your space, from a feathery owl to a prancing reindeer, from jolly Santas to an elegant Three Wise Men ceramic figurine. Little music boxes that play Christmas tunes are always a welcome addition to the most wonderful time of the year. Santa’s Toy Shop is always a favorite for the young and young at heart, or try a train set that includes both Santa and a nutcracker. All are great for gift giving or as a special keepsake.

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