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Get the Best of Both Worlds That Home Cooks Love

Convection microwaves from JCPenney are an affordable luxury, which come in a variety of sleek, spacious, and versatile models. A convection microwave oven is like having two appliances, all in one. One of the best appliances for cooking or baking, convection microwaves use a high-velocity, forced-air fan to circulate the hot air uniformly. This method of cooking heats the food to higher temperatures than a conventional microwave can perform.

Oven Quality Results Fast

Old-fashioned microwaves have some serious limits when it comes to cooking certain foods. With your new convection microwave, you and your family will enjoy oven-quality meals up to four times faster than a conventional oven. With nearly instantaneous halogen heat, the convenience of convection cooking simplifies the art of microwaving. When baking, crisping, or browning is desired, a convection microwave is your new easy-to-use, go-to appliance.

Fun, Must-Have Features

Your new convection microwave from JCPenney comes with some must-have features for the personal, at-home chef. Oven racks for multilevel cooking are perfect for dinner parties, while auto defrost and multiple power levels and preset cooking settings are handy features for busy families. Quality ventilation systems provide powerfully exhaust to remove smoke and fumes. Moreover, low-wattage settings are a helpful feature to melt or soften butter or chocolate without scorching. Consider a convection microwave with a warming-oven mode that keeps food hot until you're ready to serve.

Basic Specifications for Convection Microwaves

There are some key specifications you should look for when selecting your new convection microwave from JCPenney. Look for at least a 1-foot interior capacity. Depending on your family's needs, ensure it has enough capacity to heat up a dinner plate, or a small roast or chicken. Convection microwaves are generally larger than traditional microwaves, so it is important to check your available counter space carefully to ensure it fits. Don't forget to leave enough space around your convection microwave to prevent overheating. In terms of power, look for a power rating of 950 watts minimum of energy for fast and efficient heating.

Designer Touches and Beautiful Finishes

Convection microwaves from JCPenney come in a variety of designer looks and finishes. The design aesthetic of your key kitchen appliances should suitably match your kitchen's decor and personal preferences. Brands at JCPenney such as Samsung and GE Café are known for offering contemporary, sophisticated designs with brushed steel exteriors and reflective glass doors.

Given the hybrid nature of a convection microwave's design, it is an excellent alternate cooking appliance for holidays and parties or a quick way to make your family a delicious dinner. A convention microwave from JCPenney is the perfect home chef appliance for versatile cooking.