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How Convection Ovens Work

All ovens have some manner of convection happening within them simply because hot air rises within the oven. However, ovens still end up with uneven spots, which makes for uneven cooking. You may have noticed issues like this when you put cookies in to bake, and half the sheet burns while the other half is still doughy in the middle. A convection oven has a fan designed to fix this uneven heat distribution problem. The fan circulates the heated air within the oven, which causes more convection than naturally occurs in a regular oven. The heat circulation makes your food cook or roast faster.

A Convection Oven Is Perfect for Quick Heating

Busy people, rejoice! A convection oven will cut down on your cook time. Because the heat gets more evenly distributed, your goods will cook faster and more evenly. This is perfect for people who can't seem to get the hang of turning pans in the oven to manually distribute the heat. If you're a reluctant cook because it's too time-consuming, you'll love switching to a convection oven.

If you're a baker, you may need to get used to cooking with a convection oven. The fan can cause lower humidity in the oven, which will change how your food bakes. Don't worry, you can still get a great loaf of bread or sheet cake out of a convection oven, but you may need to put in a practice round or two to get the hang of how the oven cooks. It'll go faster, too, so check your bake times frequently to prevent dried out baked goods.

That being said, many convection oven options at JCPenney have the choice to turn the fan off. If you need to bake something in a humid oven environment, nix that convection fan and have at things the old-fashioned way.

Choosing the Perfect Oven

Convection ovens come with cooktop options. You can get gas or flat electric ranges atop your convection oven choice. Gorgeous color options like chrome, stainless steel, white, and black will match any appliances you already have in your kitchen. Ultimately, though, looks can't compete with how the oven works, so pay attention to the special features these stoves offer.

You might be after a double door oven, which lets you bake or roast multiple things at one time. Perhaps an oven with a lot of space is what will make your life easier. Cooking for many is simpler when you've got the right kind of space in your oven. Maybe cooking is fun, but clean-up isn't. That's why you should opt for self-cleaning. JCPenney has brands like LG and Samsung that you trust, so shop convection ovens online with us today.

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