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Girls' Converse — Perfect for Active Girls

Girls are all about shoes. Boots, sandals, heels, and everything in between are the main occupants of girls' closets around the world. Even if your girl is still relatively young, she might already have an affinity for amazing footwear. Even if she doesn't, she'll still love girls' Converse sneakers. These comfy shoes are designed for people who are always on the go. Their versatile looks, durable rubber soles, and wide variety of colors make them essential for girls who love fashion as much as they love being active. Your girl can slip them on for school, or jump around in them on the weekend, when she's hanging with her besties. She could even wear them with a casual skirt, for a look that is both feminine and fun.

So Many Styles and Colors!

You might think that Converse shoes are a bare basic, but that's far from the truth. These kicks come in many styles and colors. Your girl will be able to express herself with her sneakers whether she is a tomboy, a princess, or something in between.

Velcro Converse shoes are fantastic for younger kids who haven't mastered the art of tying their laces. High-tops are a classic Converse style which look as good on the basketball court as they do with a pair of glitzy jeans. The brand is constantly rolling out new colors, from pastels and metallics to fun brights. You never know what you'll find when you start exploring the shoe options at JCPenney!

The Long History of Converse

Converse shoes first stepped onto the scene in 1908. Over a hundred years later, they're still well-loved around the world for their comfort and versatility. What started out as a basic galosh has evolved into a sneaker which can be found on the feet of people from all walks of life. Whether your girl is a toddler or a preteen, it's hard to go wrong with Converse shoes. Because this brand creates shoes in a wide range of sizes, she'll be able to stick with Converse as she grows. And mom, you'll know exactly which brand to buy for her. You simply can't go wrong with girls' Converse, so shop online or in-store at JCPenney today.