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Deliver Even Heat and Easy Cleaning With a Smooth Surface Cooktop

When you're shopping for upgrades to your cooking space, you might be considering a new cooktop. Older kitchens often use less efficient options that don't heat very evenly, resulting in overcooked food at one mealtime and undercooked food at the next. With a smooth surface cooktop, you can eliminate the problem of uneven cooking while adding a stylish, functional space that you can use for more than just cooking.

Sleek, Smooth Surface

One of the main benefits of choosing a smooth surface cooktop is the added space and functionality. When your cooktop is completely cool, you can use the surface as extra counter space as you pull food items out of the fridge. Having the extra room is especially helpful in small kitchens where counter space is at a premium. The sleek surface also looks more modern and stylish than a coil cooktop or other outdated style.

Different Methods of Cooking

Many smooth surface cooktops contain coils beneath the glass or ceramic layer, delivering even cooking as soon as the coils heat up. You can also choose an induction heating method, which will have a similar smooth cooktop. Induction cooking works by using magnetic induction instead of thermal conduction or an electrical heating element. Choosing an induction cooktop comes with its own benefits, such as very rapid temperature increases and direct heating. Induction heating also cools immediately, and the cooktop doesn't stay very hot during cooking, which means it's safer for homes with small children and pets.

If you do opt for a smooth surface cooktop with induction heating, only certain types of cookware work with it. The cooking vessel must contain some kind of ferromagnetic metal, such as certain types of stainless steel or cast iron.

Keep It Clean

If you spill something on the cooktop while preparing food, simply use a soft wipe and gentle cleaning product to clean it off. You can also use certain kinds of scrubbing materials, although abrasive sponges or steel wool could scratch the cooktop. With the right cleaning products, you can restore your smooth surface cooktop to look like new, even after many uses.

Find the Perfect Cooktop

When you're looking to replace your cooktop to improve the process of cooking and preparing food for your family, you can find a variety of smooth surface cooktop options at JCPenney. They come in multiple sizes, designed to fit in small and large kitchens. You can also shop for smooth surface cooktops in white and black to complement your kitchen's color scheme. Most of the available cooktops at JCPenney come with four or five burners, although two-burner cooktops are also available for smaller spaces.

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