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Dolls Offer Children Fun and Friendship

Dolls are the oldest-known toys and have come a long way from their humble beginnings of wood, stone, clay, or corn husk playthings. Today dolls are everything from fun toys to faithful companions. When you're looking for a special gift to give to a child, you can't beat one of the latest dolls.

Dolls From Favorite Movies and Cartoons

From big-screen princesses to small-screen cartoons, you can find dolls that resemble some of your children's favorite characters. Pick up a few popular dolls, and your children can re-enact their favorite scenes from movies and television show, plus use their imagination to create entirely new scenarios.

Soft Dolls for Friendship

Plenty of children turn to dolls as special friends they can play and fall asleep with every day. If your little one is looking for such a toy, consider one of the soft dolls available at JCPenney. These dolls are completely plush and don't have any hard or pointy parts that can hurt children. The dolls also come with a variety of hair, skin, and eye colors, so you can find one that closely resembles your own child.

Dolls for Make-Believe Play

We're all familiar with dolls that come with changeable outfits and hairstyles, but today there are even more possibilities for children to play make-believe with their dolls. For kids who want to nurture and care for a baby just like they see their mom and dad doing, look for a babydoll they can feed, change, and give a pacifier to. For older kids who are learning more about the world around them, you can get a doll that also encourages learning and special hobbies.

The Perfect Size for a Dollhouse

If your child has a dollhouse that needs some residents, you can find small dolls that are the ideal size to fit inside. You can pick up individual dolls or select an entire family. Choose dolls that also have bendable limbs, and your children can spend plenty of time posing their dolls in chairs and sofas as they guide them through daily life. Additionally, no play castle is complete without a few dolls dressed up as kings, queens, and knights.

Don't Forget the Accessories

No matter what type of doll you end up getting for your children, you know they'll want accessories to go along with their new playmates. Every doll needs multiple outfits so children can dress them up for any occasion. Children with their own babydolls will also need cribs and strollers to hold their little ones.

When you shop at JCPenney, you'll find a great selection of dolls that are sure to become favorite toys for children of all ages.

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