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Two Fuels, One Stove

Typically, when you get a gas stove, it heats both the range and the oven with gas. The same goes for electric: electricity heats the top and the bottom. Dual fuel is the place where these two stove types meet. With a dual fuel oven, you get a gas range with an electric oven, hence the dual fuel name.

A dual fuel oven is a high-end cooking appliance, giving you the best kind of heat for different styles of cooking. Most range cooking is easier over a flame. The flame gives you more precise control over your heat and instantly adjusts when you turn the dial. You can do a lot of cool things with gas ranges, including toasting tortillas and marshmallows.

The gas that makes a range so easy to use is the same that makes ovens difficult. Gas ovens often provide uneven heat, making precise baking temperatures and results harder to achieve. People serious about baking and roasting prefer electric ovens.

Oven Features for Bakers

Dual fuel ovens come with a lot of fantastic features. Electric ovens with convection options create extremely even heat distribution. Convection cuts down on your roasting, broiling, and baking times. However, when you need humidity within your oven, you can turn off the convection fan and just use electricity.

Two-door options allow you to cook two dishes at the same time in the same oven using different temperatures. For cooks who juggle multiple dishes — especially for big meals on holidays — these two door ovens are a lifesaver. When you find yourself in the kitchen for hours because you need to prepare different dishes at different temperatures, you're the perfect candidate for an oven with two doors.

Range Features for Chefs

When it comes to gas ranges, these dual fuel options are the very best. Ranges that are big enough to fit saucepans, woks, and frying pans are available. Five burners increase the number of things you can have on at once and makes keeping stuff warm while using all available cook surfaces simpler.

While you're shopping for your new dual fuel oven, keep a few things in mind. The quality brands JCPenney stocks online offer different sizes which impacts how much food you can make at once. Other options, like slide-in oven doors and warming drawers, are especially helpful for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

You don't need to be a top chef to appreciate a quality appliance like a dual fuel oven. The perks are many, and the appliance upgrade adds luxury to your kitchen space. Consider this an investment in your quality of life, because it'll make cooking easier, and it might even inspire you to try some new recipes. Shop at JCPenney online today.

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