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Classy Easter Decorations

It’s never too early to stock up on Easter decorations. You’ll hop with joy over our diverse selection. Shop our extremely stylish and classic Easter décor, and entertain with panache this Easter. Personalized severing tray slates will change the way you serve formal meals. These cool serving trays come with a single letter engraved on them, from A to Z. Grab some chalk, and write the name of the dish you’re serving on the tray. The trays come with handles allowing for easy transport to and from the kitchen. Your guests will love this unique way to serve Easter dinner. Commemorate every Easter with a scrapbook. Use a bunny shaped magnetic die to create an adorable scrapbook that you’ll love for years. Bunnies are the quintessential representation of Easter. Decorate your home with bunny figurines embellished with butterflies and flowers. Stash away Easter candy in a beautifully decorated earthenware lidded box, adorned with butterflies and a classic blue and white pattern. Get a few Easter vases, and add fresh flowers in them to bring spring into your home. 


Gorgeous Easter Table Decorations

Holiday meals are a big deal. There’s a lot that goes into them. You spend weeks planning the meal, hours shopping for ingredients, and more hours cooking the actual meal. Before everyone sees the food, they see the table decorations first. We have everything you need to create a stunning dinner table that will compliment your delicious dinner. Linens are the first pieces need for a well decorated dinner table. Get gorgeous linens in lace, pastels, and floral designs. Everyone loves a little personalization. Set out reusable place cards on the table with everyone’s name on them to add a touch of refinement. While everyone’s waiting for dinner to finish, set out snacks on butterfly and flower shaped snack plates with matching spreaders. A fabulous punch deserves a fabulous punchbowl. We have a plethora of punch bowls for you, including traditional glass bowls and Easter themed bowls. You can’t serve dinner without plates. We have plates made of porcelain and stoneware that you can match to your linens, and the rest of your decorations. View all of our gorgeous Easter table decorations in the homewares department.

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