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Achieve a Whole New Level of Clean With Electrolux Vacuums

You've never had a vacuum like this before. With thoughtful designs, cutting edge technology, and attachments and accessories for all types of messes, Electrolux vacuums will help you achieve a whole new level of clean. Whether you're looking for a model that can keep up with your active family, clean up after your pets, or offer an incredible deep clean, there's an Electrolux vacuum for your household.

Choose an Upright Model for the Ultimate Clean

When you need a vacuum that offers the ultimate clean and doesn't spare any surfaces, start with an upright model. Find out what makes upright Electrolux vacuums so popular and discover how they can take your cleaning routine to new heights.

Upright vacuums aren't just for carpeted surfaces and rugs. These Electrolux vacuums transition easily to bare floors and hard surfaces, providing powerful suction no matter the floor type. Worried about dust, pet dander, and other allergens? With the HEPA filtration system that these upright vacuums offer, there's no need to fret. Upright Electrolux vacuums can capture nearly all of the airborne contaminants in your home's air supply, helping you create an allergen-free home.

Can't quite reach every surface you want to clean? Just release the cleaning wand to dust corners, clean upholstery, and access other hard-to-reach spots.

Clean Messes of All Types With a Canister Vacuum

Who says only upright models can offer a true deep clean? Take a closer look at our extensive selection of high-performance Electrolux canister vacuums.

Whether you choose a bagless canister vacuum or one that features a dust bag, you'll love the silent operation and impressive cleaning power that these Electrolux vacuums offer. These canister vacuums work beautifully on hardwood floors and other bare surfaces, and they also offer deep cleaning power on rugs and upholstery. Take advantage of the three-in-one cleaning tool to tackle stairs, furniture crevices, and other areas that aren't always easy to reach. With 360-degree motion technology, these canister vacuums ensure that you can clean messes of any type, no matter where they're hiding.

Go Cordless and Vacuum Anywhere

Hate feeling tethered to the nearest electrical outlet or don't want the cord to create a tripping hazard? Skip the cord and clean anywhere with the latest cordless Electrolux vacuums.

When you really want to vacuum without limits, Electrolux cordless vacuums are ideal for both bare floors and upholstered furniture. Need to clean a corner that isn't easy to tackle? Just use the included tools to put all your household messes right where they belong.

Isn't it time you left your old cleaning routine in the dust and upgraded to a new, high-tech vacuum? Shop JCPenney for the latest Electrolux vacuums and take your cleaning power to the next level.

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