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Low-Impact Exercise on an Elliptical

When you have joint problems, running and other common forms of cardio aren't available to you. Getting a gym membership is pointless when you can't use half the equipment inside. Instead, consider putting that money towards an elliptical trainer that you can keep in your home. Ellipticals offer intense cardio workouts that are low-impact on your joints, especially your knees. Keep your heart healthy and your knees from aching with an elliptical.

Features to Optimize Your Workout

Even the basic Proform ellipticals offer features to help you maximize your workout efforts. Hit target heart rate zones for your age with heart rate monitors on the elliptical handles. The elliptical screen offers workout programs and real-time information about how long you've been working, how hard you've been working, and how many calories you've burned.

If you want to beef up on features, or if you're hard on exercise equipment, look at a steel model with an adjustable stride. Angle adjustment adds hills to your elliptical training, boosting the difficulty level and helping you burn extra calories as you work your quads extra hard. Other features to look for include professional workout apps already loaded onto the machine. When you're looking for that extra boost to ramp up your training regimen, apps with professional programs and health tips will point you in the right direction.

Ellipticals Plus More for an Extra Burn

Add more to your home gym by investing in two-in-one or three-in-one workout equipment. Convertible ellipticals turn into recumbent bikes and upright bikes. Switch up your cardio by training on an elliptical one day, then sitting on and pedaling a bike the next. Anyone fatigued from doing the same workout every day should consider equipment with multiple uses, so you keep coming back to those healthy lifestyle choices.

With exercise equipment from quality sources, JCPenney online is your place to shop for elliptical deals. Check the features available, so you can create your own customized at-home gym experience. From simple machines with basic features to complex items that will help you get into fantastic shape, the equipment at JC Penney offers you the options you need to create the perfect at-home workout space. Keep your joints safe and your heart healthy with ellipticals.

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