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It's More than Just the Basics

From tinted moisturizer to contouring kits, there's much more to the base layer of makeup than many realize. Face primers can help your foundation last much longer before it starts to look oily, and tinted moisturizers and bb creams can replace foundation entirely on light days. You've probably heard of contouring and highlighting by now, but have you snagged some blotting powder to help control the natural shine of your face?

Whatever your makeup routine, face makeup can be as much a tool as a coverup. There are many products out there designed to promote skin health as well as coverage. Look for products with sunscreen in them to avoid developing blotchy, uneven skin. Many more come equipped with moisturizer. In addition to health, face makeup can help you enhance your natural features. Explore dozens of face makeup options that keep your skin looking fresh, radiant, and most important, healthy.

Don't be Afraid to Contour

You might have high cheekbones or you might have low ones. Maybe you have a round jawline, maybe you have a strong square one. While contouring can seem complex and scary, all you need to do is follow the lines of your face to emphasize your favorite features! Use contour to create the appearance of a higher cheekbone or to smooth or sharpen your jawline. Add some highlighter to your jaw and cheekbones to emphasize your bone structure, or brighten up your overall appearance.

Many cite the beauty of contouring as the ability to create illusions and camouflage, but you can just as easily use the trick to make your natural features pop! Make sure you have all the tools you need to blend the contours properly so you're not left with dark lines all over your face. Most beauty gurus recommend a damp beauty blender to get the job done.

Correct Skin Problems for a Flawless Finish

Skin isn't always willing to cooperate. Whether you're dealing with dark under-eye circles, uneven or blotchy skin, random blemishes, or serious breakouts, there's no need to worry! Concealers and skin tone correctors - like cc creams - are your savior, even the ones that come in the odd colors you would never think to put on your face. These apply with a thin layer over your skin, but give heavy coverage and even out your tones. Hide those dark circles, cover up those blemishes, and apply your foundation over everything for a smooth and consistent canvas.

Always remember: this is your face! You want it looking and feeling its best. Whether you're looking for light coverage or the base to your glamorous look, we have hundreds of products to help you get the job done.