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Figure Skates Rule the Ice

With an abundance of ice rinks for hockey, ice dancing, and ice skating, these sports are rising in popularity. Adults and children alike are discovering the joy of gliding gracefully across the frozen surface or zooming over it at breakneck speed. But before you can enjoy any of that, you need the right equipment. JCPenney offers a variety of skates from leading manufacturers for people of all ages looking to try figure skating.

For Children

Youth figure skates are specially sized for smaller feet, of course, but there are other features to enhance the experience for little learners. For example, certain brands offer easy-to-care-for, fleece-lined skates to keep toes warmer while your child is learning. Bright colors, pastels, and solids let your youngsters choose something that suits their personalities. Velcro closures are easier than laces for small fingers to manage, but older skaters may prefer laces in matching or contrasting colors. Youth figure skates have blades designed for beginners to facilitate learning.

For Adults

Learning to enjoy the ice is not just for kids. Adult men and women can jump in and get started as well. JCPenney offers plenty of brands and styles of figure skates for adults who want to join their kids or those who want to learn just for themselves. Whether you're looking for something just for recreational time or you have a more competitive goal in mind, you can find a pair of durable skates to get you there. Adult designs are made to look more grown-up and usually have laces rather than other types of closures.


You want to be sure your skates are not any smaller than your regular shoe size, and you might even want to go a little larger to accommodate thick socks or more than one pair. Even when the weather is warm, the ice rink is cold. You're looking for a skate that you can lace all the way up without cutting off your circulation. You don't want your ankles to be able to move around. If that's happening, they probably need to be laced tighter, but your toes and feet should not feel numb.

Easy to Care For

One of the nice things about figure skates is that they're easy to take care of. Vinyl, foam, and synthetic materials are the most common components. Cleanup is easy because you can just wipe them down with a dry cloth and store them in a cool, dry place.

If you live near one of the many indoor rinks around the country, figure skates are good to have year round. But even if you have to go outdoors to enjoy your new hobby, it's a great way to get some exercise, enjoy fresh air, and spend some time with friends. You may even discover a new type of competition to enter.

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