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Less Time in the Kitchen, More Time for Family

On those rare occasions when you can sit down to dinner together with your family, you want to make the most of it, and you certainly don't want to spend all night cleaning up afterward. A Frigidaire dishwasher helps you clear away the mess quickly and efficiently and get back to what's more important.

Many Frigidaire Dishwasher Options

Maybe it's not exactly a sports car, but your Frigidaire dishwasher does come with lots of options. To get the right model for you, think about:

  1. how much space you have available
  2. whether this is a new construction, a remodel, or an add-on to your current kitchen
  3. what color suits your kitchen decor best
  4. which features from the long list of possibilities are most important to you

Portable or Built-In

First you can choose between a standard 24-inch built-in model and an 18-inch portable design. The built-in model is great for a new construction or a remodeling project. While features vary by model, you can expect dual spray arms, sanitizer cycles, quiet operation, and more handy functions.

The portable model is handy if you need to move the unit around your kitchen space, as might be the case in a small apartment or dorm room. The Frigidaire dishwashers have a stainless-steel interior for a long useful life. A delayed start mode lets you set a schedule for the machine to run, even when you're not home. The self-cleaning filter is removable so you can replace it as needed. Built on an Energy Saver platform, this model runs efficiently without driving up your utility bill.

Exterior Colors

Most built-in models are available in black, white, and stainless steel to coordinate with your kitchen decor. The portable model comes in black and white.

Internal Features

Choose what's most important to you to narrow down the wide selection of Frigidaire dishwashers available at JCPenney. If you need to wash a lot of dishes at a time, a model that can hold up to 14 place settings might be just the ticket. If efficiency and low energy consumption are at the top your priority list, choose one with an outstanding Energy Star rating. Maybe you have someone in your house who's a light sleeper. The UltraQuiet III sound package runs at 59 dBA, one of the quietest running units on the market.

All models have clear, easy-to-read controls that you don't have to squint to see. You can even get a model with a plate-warming feature to really impress your dinner guests. If you use a lot of serving platters, baking sheets, or other oversized pieces, you can opt for a model with an extra tall interior to be sure you have enough room for everything. It's no fun to hand wash things that don't fit into the machine.

Frigidaire Makes Cleaning Easier

When the cleanup goes faster and the dishes get cleaner, you can get on with your life without thinking twice about it. Check out the Frigidaire dishwasher models at JCPenney for more options than you ever thought possible in a kitchen appliance.

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