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Step Up Your Cooking Game With a Gas Cooktop

When you walk into a commercial-grade kitchen, one of the first things you might notice is the impressive gas stove that cooks food quickly and evenly. In the past, only high-end commercial kitchens had gas cooktops, but now these options are available at more reasonable prices. Your dream of owning a gas cooktop can come true with the impressive options available at reasonable prices at JCPenney.

Benefits of Gas Cooktops

All cooktops come with their own unique benefits, but gas delivers impressive results. When you turn on an electric cooktop, it takes time to heat up, which can slow down your cooking process. A gas cooktop is hot as soon as you ignite the flame, so you can start preparing your favorite meals right away. When you turn off an electric cooktop, it takes a while to cool down completely. Gas cooktops cool immediately, so if you have children or pets at home, the safety benefits are certainly worth considering.

Improved Cooking

Gas cooktops also deliver specific temperature control. When you're cooking foods that require more precision, it's not easy to achieve that with any other type of cooktop. A trained chef can often gauge a stove's temperature by looking at the appearance and size of gas flames.

You also can't use certain types of cookware on a smooth surface cooktop, such as cast iron, but there are no cookware restrictions on a gas cooktop. Cheaper cookware often warps at the bottom when used on high levels of heat. When you use a warped pan on a smooth surface cooktop, the food won't cook evenly.

Shopping for Gas Cooktops

Whether you're planning a full kitchen renovation or you just want to upgrade your cooking space, you can find a range of gas cooktop options at JCPenney. Before you pick out a gas cooktop, it's important to know that you'll need a gas line for it to function. You also need a working ventilation hood to suck up the fumes produced when the stove burns gas.

Options and Styles

When shopping for a gas cooktop, you'll find a number of styles available to fit your cooking needs. Most gas cooktops have at least four burners, although commercial-grade cooktops often have additional burners for preparing and keeping food warm. You can also shop for a model that has a downdraft exhaust system, which pulls smoke and steam out of the kitchen to reduce odors and manage fumes more efficiently.

Check out the range of gas cooktops available at JCPenney to find the perfect addition to your kitchen. You can transform your cooking space into the ideal spot to prepare your favorite mouth-watering meals.,

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